Toy Piggy Bank Safe Box - Fingerprint ATM Bank for Kids

Kids ATM Piggy Bank Safe - Cool Fingerprint to Open Safe

This is a perfect toy safe box for kids to save their coins and paper money. Kids can set their own password to lock and unlock the bank.

Fingerprint is needed to confirm to open it. It's a pretend fingerprint but acts like a real one. The bank has voice clock and voice alarm. It can also check last three records to ensure its security. A UV light can help check the paper money.

Two Ways of Saving Money

Cash Entrance - put the paper money on the scroll and it will automatically into the ATM bank machine.

Coin Entrance - the coin goes into the top coin entry and it will fall directly into the piggy bank.coin can

Machine Money Coin Savings Bank for Kids🎁
  • Password and pretend fingerprint, double security

  • Motorized bill feeder to deposit paper money

  • Voice Alarm Clock

  • History records for last three operations

  • Require 3 AA batteries (not included)


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