School Supplies for Kids - Back to School Supply Box Kit (34 Supplies)

 Back to School Supply Kit for Kids

 Need school supplies for Girls Or Boys?  Get this new Supplies Bundle Kit that has everything your child will need for that first day of school.

  • All the supplies You Need In One Set
  • Perfect Variety
  • Great For Charity
  • Save Time And Money

  • GREAT VARIETY - School supplies for kids includes 4 pencils, 4 pens, 2 glues, 1 large erasers, 5 pencil erasers, 3 highlighters, 2 pencil sharpeners, 1 ruler, 10 pack of crayons, 10 pack of colored pencils, 2 composition notebooks, 2 spiral notebooks, 1 pair of scissors, 4 folders, and 1 supply bags.

  • SAVES TIME FROM GOING BACK AND FORTH TO STORES - Back to school made easy. Avoid constantly going to the store and waiting in lines to find your supplies.

  • PERFECT FOR CHURCH CHARITIES- Back-to-school supplies are great for church charities giving out supplies for the needy.

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN 1 KIT - This school supply box has a great variety and is for all ages. The perfect value double supply kit saves time and money.

  • GREAT GIFT FOR GRANDKIDS - School supplies for girls or boys makes for the perfect gift. Best for elementary, or kindergarten school supplies starter kits.

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