Kids Tool Set with Power Toy Drill - 12 Tool Playset for Kids

12 Piece Tool Set for Kids Age 3-7 - Realistic Power Drill

Unlock your toddler's imagination with the Tools Set. Whether your baby girl or boy wants to be a builder, tinkerer, fixer, or just like Mommy and Daddy this kit will keep them entertained and the mind active for hours at a time.

PERFECT GIFT OR PRESENT FOR HANDY BOYS OR HANDY GIRLS AGE 3:7 - For children that love to pretend to be like Mommy or Daddy or their favorite handy man character. The ultimate carpenter and kids construction play set.

STEM / STEAM EDUCATIONAL TOYS - Designed to activate the imagination of your toddler, this toolkit comes complete with 12 realistic pieces to keep your boy or girl busy for hours at a time.Now your 3 4 5 6 or 7 year old son or daughter can help you around the house.

HIGH-QUALITY TOOLBOX INCLUDED FOR EASY CLEANUP AND STORAGE - Now you don't have to worry about tripping over pieces or losing them easily. When your boy or girl is done playing with this set, they can pack everything away nicely into the tool box, until they're ready to play again.

PRETEND PLAY CONSTRUCTION TOOLS - These Kits include a friction drill, needle nose pliars, hammer, screwdriver (flathead and phillips), clamp, anchors, screws, a piece of play wood and safety goggles.


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