Kids Golf Club Set & Putting Green Mat - Kids Toy Golf Cart

Kids Golf Set & 2-Wheel Golf Cart

 A great kids golf starter set that is designed for 2-6 years old toddlers to get in some golf practice.

  • Everything Your Little Golfer Will Need to start a golfing career, or at least a love of golf!

    This kid's golf game set comes with a kid-friendly golf cart with 2 wheels for easy mobility, 4 colorful golf clubs, 8 golf balls, 2 holes & bases, 1 golf mat for putting

  • Provoke Your Toddlers’ Interest in Sports. A mini golf cart playset can be a great way to get kids started in sports with plastic golf equipment.

  • Develop Motor Coordination & Analytical Thinking. Toy golf promotes not only toddlers’ physical development such as upper limb muscles, joints and ligaments but also spatial awareness and reasoning.

  • Strength Parent-Child Relationship and Self Confidence. Enjoy a family golf time when your kid loves to imitate a natural swing or hand position like dad or mom.

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