Kids Camping Tent Set Toys



Now you can help your kids appreciate nature, learn valuable skills and have an unforgettable time camping outdoors with our age-appropriate camping kit for kids of all ages. 


Your kids will spend less time in front of a TV screen or playing mind-numbing video games and more time exploring nature!


Your child will understand that when they’re prepared and well equipped, they can do anything!
For example, if it’s dark, they can use the bright flashlight to guide them.In addition, they can use the walkie talkie and the multifunctional whistle to communicate with other campers that are far. As for the shovel, it will help them dig and find things!


Our multifunctional forest whistle features a built-in compass, so you can teach your kids about navigating in the wilderness and a handy flashlight in case there are ever lost in the dark!
  • DOES YOUR KID LOVE OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES? This kids’camping set is the perfect toy for all those adventurous kids who love to explore nature! So if your child is a restless explorer, you should definitely give them this complete camping kit that includes a tent for kids, a telescope,a walkie talkie, a water bottle, a shovel, a multifunctional whistle, a compass, a flashlight, a thermometer, as well as 3 AG3 batteries. You just need 6 AA batteries, and your kid can start exploring!

  • YOUR CHILD WILL GAIN SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE Thanks to the amazing Toyvelt camping equipment kit, since it includes all the necessary items and tools for campers and hikers!First of all, your child is going to learn how to build the kids tepee tent on their own. They will also learn how to use a telescope, and a thermometer. Your child is also going to understand how compasses work, and they will find out how to navigate without the help of technology!

  • THIS IS THE PERFECT SURVIVAL KIT FOR KIDS and it’s going to help your child be fearless and inventive when they’re camping or exploring nature. 

  • ANY CHILD – BOY OR GIRL – WOULD WANT THIS SET AS A GIFT! So if you’re looking for a gift for a little explorer in your family, this camping accessories are the best choice! The dream tent set for kids is not only and incredibly fun, but also an absolutely educational kit that can keep any child entertained for hours! 

  • THESE CAMPING ACCESSORIES ARE BUILT TO LAST! Every single piece of this unique kid play tent set is made with premium materials and most advanced manufacturing processes.


Latest Customer Reviews 

The camping set came with so many fun items to play with!

"This tent and its included camping gear was a hit for my 3 and 2 7yo twin grandchildren.  So happy I got this. Tent is pretty big so all 3 of my grandchildren got into it!  Its the camping gift for kids that keeps on giving! "

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