Deluxe Kids Basketball Hoop / Arcade Game - Youth Hoops Game

Basketball arcade game... designed to help develop, kids Basketball skills.
with our Basketball set, Your little one will be able to practice and shoot continuously, each time improving their shooting mechanics and working on hand-eye-coordination and overall motor skills.

The basketball game includes, 4 inflatable balls and a pump.
And is recommended for kids of all ages, The whole family could enjoy it!

It is made out of safe-and-lightweight yet sturdy-and-durable material, designed to last.

Assembly is easy and minimal, almost no tools required. The blue tubes, nicely slide into the yellow connectors, for a relatively quick and easy assembly.
so, let the fun begin!


  • Kids Basketball arcade game, with endless hours of fun...
  • Helps practice shooting-mechanics, watch your little one practice and excel at basketball!
  • Includes 4 balls (you'll never run out of balls)
  • Easy To assemble
  • Dimensions: 54" x 35" x 18" inches

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