Kids Adventure Kit

Kids Adventure & Explorer Kit - Kids Outdoor Games

Kids Explorer Set includes everything a young adventurer needs. It includes Camping Gear Bug Catcher, Butterfly Net, Compass, Binoculars, Flashlight, Magnifying Glass, and more.

  • 【Kid Explorer Series Kit】This explorer kit includes 12 bugs models for kids,kids binoculars, magnifying glass, role play cloth & hat, flashlight, compass, critter case, whistling, 13PCS bugs cards, butterfly net, treasure map, backpack net, treasure map, backpack

  • 【Enjoy the Fun of Exploring Nature】When your child wanders on the natural ground, follows the footsteps of the wind, and explores the wonders of nature, this way of getting close to nature and staying away from the intrusion of electronic products, isn’t this a harmonious and beautiful scene?

  • 【Stimulate Imagination&Creativity】 The children’s explorer kit will help develop your children’s intelligence and gain natural science knowledge while entertaining

  • 【Safe Non-toxic Material】The high-quality adventure set toys are made of non-toxic and durable materials. You can rest assured that your children will be in close contact with toys without worrying about product safety issues


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