Infrared Forehead Thermometer for Kids - No Touch Instant Reading

No Contact Thermometer for Kids and Babies

No Touch Baby Thermometer - $54.99 & Free Shipping

  • 【👍Non-contact forehead thermometer】This forehead thermometer is specially designed. The temperature can be measured only 3cm-5cm (1.2in-2in) from the forehead. Keeping a certain distance from the human body during the measurement can prevent cross-infection and effectively protect the health of you and your family.

  • 【👍Quick and accurate reading & memory recovery】 The non-contact infrared thermometer can measure the temperature in only 1 second after pressing the button. Our thermometers are equipped with high-sensitivity thermal probes to improve accuracy (measurement deviation ≤±0.2 degrees). And Wudida infrared forehead thermometer can store up to 99 temperature readings, and the records can be easily recalled at any time.

  • 【👍Three-color backlight for different temperatures】 The Wudida forehead thermometer has a large LCD display and can be read clearly in the dark. The green backlight means normal (86℉-99.3℉), the yellow backlight means low fever (99.5℉-100.2℉), while the red backlight means fever (100.4℉-109.4℉). A continuous beep will remind you when you have a fever.

  • 【👍Body Mode & Surface Mode】 This forehead thermometer has two measurement modes: body mode and surface mode. The body mode is suitable for adults, children, babies and the elderly. After switching to Surface mode, you can measure the temperature of objects, food, liquids and rooms.

  • 【👍Multifunctional energy saving design】The portable forehead thermometer can measure more than 30,000 times and will automatically turn off when there is no operation for 15 seconds to save power. This infrared forehead thermometer can easily switch between ℃ and ℉ to meet your different needs. Note: The battery is not included in the package. Requires 2 AAA batteries.

A non-contact infrared thermometer makes the measurement safer and more convenient.

The design of the forehead thermometer has a powerful function that can switch the mode at any time and meet the needs of all users. The infrared thermometer is the perfect choice for you to measure body temperature, milk temperature, water temperature, etc. The forehead thermometer can automatically store 99 sets of measured values.

If you are detected fever, the forehead thermometer will beep continuously and display a yellow or red light. Greenlight indicates a normal temperature, the orange light indicates a slight fever, and the red light indicates a real fever.

15 Seconds Automatic Shutdown Function

The baby infrared thermometer will automatically shut down after 15 seconds when not in use, which effectively saves battery consumption. At the same time, it is convenient for the elderly and children to use

Kids Thermometer with Instant Accurate Reading and Fever Alarm - Free Shipping


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