The Claw Game for Home - Toy Claw Machine for Kids

Home Arcade Claw Game - 

Are you looking for a fun rewarding game of challenge?

Mini Candy Prize Dispenser Game With Sound.


Remember the days of old, those crane toys found in arcades,?

This awesome claw game is a great party game that children will absolutely love. It is great at teaching problem solving skills, as well as hand eye coordination skills; it will keep the children busy for hours.

Fill the machine with small light prizes or small wrapped candy, or even crunch up a dollar bill to make it even more exciting!

Our claw machine comes with 30 reusable tokens, only one is required to activate the machine.

Once activated, classical arcade music will play, and the game begins. Use the 3 levers in the front to control the single claw.

Move the grabbing mechanism forward and backward, left and right, and up and down to get the treat before you run out of time.

Our claw machine is not just for parties and gatherings, this item also makes a cool and unique holiday or birthday gift.

Share it with friends, family, and even co-workers who have kids. They will love it and it will be a conversation piece.

✅ Requires 3 "D" sized batteries which are not included

✅ Will work best for most treats/candy or toys up to 2x2 inches wide

✅ Dimensions: Length 10 x Width 7.90 x Height 13.5 inches, our claw is larger than many others bring back the good old days with some classic arcade fun for your little ones. 

  • Endless Fun – Let the competition begin! Challenge each other and see who gets the most prizes before time stops. You may forget what time it is, its that much fun.
  • Welcome back good old days – Just like the classic claw machine at the arcade, our product plays music while you are trying to grab your prize. Great for hand eye coordination learning.
  • Perfect for a get-together – Whether your making a party or simply spending time with the family, our claw grabber brings the arcade right into your home. It is fun for kids and for adults!
  • Practical Easy Setup – This prize grabber machine is easy to open so you can reload it with all sorts of small candy. Insert your token and watch the machine come to life. Control the levers up, down, left, and right.
  • Generous Space for More Wins! – Our claw machine is larger in size than many others, which enables better manoeuvrability &more winning chances, we are the original claw inventors.

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