Chainsaw Toy Tool Play Set - Toy Chainsaws

Kids Play Toy Chainsaw (2 years - 6 years)

  • Design: This toy chainsaw is designed according to a real model, not only the appearance alike but also the features such as starter engine sound and pull cord effect sound

  • Highlight: The chain of our toy chainsaw rotate at a constant speed that is safe for children, we have specially added a build-in mechanical spring to ensure that the chain will never get stuck.

  • Quality: The whole toy chainsaw is made of the finest plastic which is ABS that allows our toys to have a better noninflammability and greater rigidity to increase sturdiness which is usually the main problem you may find on other identical products.

Realistic Features and Sound Effects

Turning on the power and pulling the engine cord will make a ten sound of a realistic motor starting for ten seconds.

When the trigger is pulled, there is a sound that imitates the work of the chain rotation, which is more attractive and stimulates the imagination of children, encourages your kids to stay away from electronics.

Practical Tape Measure

This tape measure is soft, durable and has an interesting turning crank, kids will like to interact with it, and it is suitable for children's hands.

There are scales on both sides, which are accurately printed in inches and centimeters. The tape measure extends out 40 inches and is perfect for measuring the height of stuffed animals, furniture and even playmates.

Kindly Reminder: The toy chainsaw requires 3 AA which is not included 

Chainsaw Toy Tool Play Set Includes:

1 * Goggle

1 * Saw

1 * Mask

1 * Screwdriver

1 * Measuring Tape

1 * Toy Chainsaw (Battery is not included)


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