Digital Baby Thermometer - Instant Reading Kids Thermometers

Top Forehead Thermometer for Infant & Kids

Best baby thermometer 2021 - 1-second fast measurement with instant reading, plus mute mode, just take the temperature without waking your baby. You can read it clearly even in the dark with a large backlit LCD display.

Instant Results And High Precision Sensor

Digital Innovative Infrared Thermometer For Instant Measuring Temperatures of Babies, Adults, Objects and Liquids

--> Instant & Accurate

--> Fever Warning

--> Non-contact IR Technology

--> Medical Grade Precision

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  • Super Fast and Precise Sensor- Measured results will appear after just 1 second and accuracy is ± 0.2 °C (32.36 °F)

  • Big LCD Display With Smart 3-Color Notification- Thermometer display will change color to :
    • Green if Temperature is OK
    • Yellow if Temperature is Above Normal
    • Red if Temperature is High

  • Multipurpose- You can use it to measure Baby and Adult body temperature but also the temperature of objects & surfaces (for example water, milk, meal or room)

  • Celsius and Fahrenheit Scale- Now you can easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit scale.

  • Very Easy to Use - Just aim from the distance of 1-5 cm (0.39-1.96 in) at the forehead or object you want to measure the temperature and press the "Measure" button.

  • Built-in Memory Chip- Saves the last 32 temperature measurements, great for daily monitoring of your baby body temperature

  • Higher Accurate Reading: Enjoy Hospital Grade Accuracy at your home, clinic or workplace in confidence due to the thoroughly tested reliability of your health care thermometer. Its shape, choice of colors and it's amazingly light weight speaks of artistic genius and first-class design capabilities.

  • Amazing Versatility: The thermometer enables you to measure room or Bottle temperature instantly with the press of a mode button. It is a perfect choice for Moms and Dads who want to keep a close eye on the body temperature of babies, children and loved ones

  • Easy to Use: Baby, Toddler and Child friendly quiet mode tympanic scanning with the push of a button allows you to take instant scans of infants and children without a beeping noise that may wake them. Celsius and Fahrenheit are easily and instantly switchable with an intuitive button.

  • Easy to Read: Temperature will be displayed on the LCD and the LCD screen with clinically proven accuracy you can rely on. The back LCD display showing you what the temperature is, even easily readable in the dark.

  • In light of current events and the high demand for this product, delivery times are averaging between 7-15 business days.

Big LCD Display With Smart 3-Color Notification- 

This function is designed for Older people, who can't clearly see letters and digits, our Infrared Thermometer will notify them by one of three colors on the LCD display.

GREEN- Means the temperature is OK
YELLOW- Means the temperature is Above Normal
RED- Means the temperature is High

This can be also useful for younger kids who don't know what is the correct body temperature.


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