ATM Kids Piggy Bank Machine - Kids Safe Bank

Kids Piggy Banks - Deluxe Kids ATM Piggy Bank 🏧

This is a great way to teach your kids about money and how banks and ATMs work. It will teach them something and make them feel all grown up.

This is an awesome Deluxe 2021 advanced Kids Piggy Bank ATM machine with a ton of features other kids banks don't have.

This awesome little ATM kids piggy bank does it all including 

🏧 It has a Kids ATM Card to access the Piggy Bank with 4 digit code needed

🏧 Automatic Coin Reader 

🏧 Automatic Paper Money Scroll 

🏧 Has a Balance Button to keep track of goals

🏧 Easy to deposit and withdraw

Realistic Debit Card is Required to Access

  • It comes with a realistic ATM debit card to access your savings

  • Just insert the card and enter a 4-digit code (the default PIN code is 0000), the LCD screen lights up and makes voice prompt.

  • If you lost your card, actually any used real debit card or credit card will work, You can also use any plastic card. A used gift card etc.atm savings piggy bank machine for real money for kids( girls for black )

Perfect for teaching your kids about money and savings in a real way. A good educational toy for your kids to learn about banking.

The ATM savings bank is like a real ATM machine. It comes with an ATM toy debit Card and instructions manual.

The ATM piggy bank also features a time clock with a 12/24 hour format and alarm, calendar, and savings target setting.

You can deposit money, withdraw money, check your balance, Perfect for sending as a Christmas gift or birthday present for boys or girls of any age.

  • 🏧 Realistic Debit Card + 4 Digit Code to Access your ATM Savings bank--Just insert the card and enter your code, the LCD screen lights up and makes voice prompt, deposit or withdraw money, check your balance

  • 🏧 Automatic Coin Reader--Insert coins into the slot and it will count and display what the coins have been deposited and add it to your balance. Press the WITHDRAW key, then the OPEN key will light up, press the OPEN key to release the door and take out the money you want

  • 🏧 Automatic Paper Money Scroll--Press NOTE key, put notes on scroll, then the notes will be rolled into the machine automatically, when notes are deposited(or withdrawn), the keypad is used to manually add (or subtract) the corresponding amount to your balance

  • 🏧 PIN Code Re-Setting--Press CODE key to change your password to a new one and press ENTER to confirm, If you forget your password, simply press the RESET button at the back of the ATM piggy bank or take out the batteries and restart, the codes will return to 0000


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