2 in 1 Kids Night Light Moon Star Projector and Undersea Lamp

Night Light Projector - 2 in 1 Kids Night Light Moon Star Projector and Undersea Lamp

Get the Star Night Light 360-Degree Rotating 8 Colors Night Light for Kids Baby Children Bedroom Party Decoration

☆  Night Light Projector: Put on the cover and press the A button to open the warm white light. The star projector can work as a little night light or a desk lamp. Set a projected film and remove the outer cover. It is a star sky projector.

☆ 2 Choices of Power: Choose the most convenient way to power: to charge through a USB cable (included) or power by 4 AAA batteries (not included). Please do not use the two power ways simultaneously. Take out batteries when not in use.

☆ Multiple Effects: 360 degree rotation makes the projected effect more 

☆  Romantic and Magical:  2 projection films and 8 colors of light add more magic effects. Colorful lights and multiple effects are ideal for decorating parties.

☆ Easy to Operate: Three buttons are respectively for different color lights, rotation and power. Press button A to turn on the warm white light. Button B for choosing colors. Press button C to start rotation or stop.

Ideal Gift for Kids: Star night light projector creates a romantic star sky onto the walls and ceiling in kids’ bedroom. It is a great gift for baby boys or girl to develop the imagination or decorate bedroom.

Rotatable Star Sky Projector
☆ The night projector supports 360-degree rotation which makes the projected star sky much more romantic and magical.

☆ The rotation is quiet in the bedroom and makes no noise, which will not influence babies’ sleep.

Suitable for Various Occasions
☆ Multiple effects give you more choices and create different atmospheres at various occasions.

☆ When kids go to bed, you turn the night projector on and tell stories with the images spinning with colorful light on the walls.

☆ Your kids love it. Dynamic star sky or sea world images on the wall or ceiling creates a romantic Christmas Eve for your family.
Kindly Notices
1.Please don’t use the USB cable and batteries at the same time, you had better use the USB cable if you use the night light more than 30 min.
2.Remove the batteries when there is no use for a long time in case of being damp and damaging the batteries box.
3. Projection effect is better in dark indoor environment.
4. This night light projector is suitable for kids above 6 years’ old.

Package Includes
1 x Night Projector Lamp
1 x Ocean Projection Film
1 x Star Projection Film
1 x USB Charge Cable
1 x User Manual



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