Valentines Day 24k Gold Rose Gifts - Top Valentines Day Gifts for Mom

Valentines Day 💓 Gifts for Mom or Wife

Love is happy moments and good memories.  Give a rose for each special moment and you will feel happy right now. After years, when you look at the roses, Good memories appear. The Eternal Golden Rose is the perfect gift to express love.

❤ Fresh cut roses as raw material 

❤ Immersed for Permanent Preservation.


Gifts for Anyone You Love

  • We picked natural fresh roses as raw materials.
  • All roses were pruned by our well-trained skilled artisans.
  • They are then immersed in resin for permanent preservation.
  • The final step in the process is plating the rose in pure 24K Gold!

Therefore, this process can successfully integrate its beauty and luxury into our Roses. 100% uniquely hand-crafted 24k Gold Dipped Roses are more than just a perfect gift… they are the perfect symbol of your lasting love for your mother,wife,lover or girlfriend.

Package includes:

  • 1 x 24K Gold Rose (11’’- 12’’)
  • 1 x K9 Crystal Stand
  • 1 x Decoration Pendant
  • 1 X Gift Box
  • Gifts for Women - Best Gift for Her on Valentines Day,Mother's Day,Anniversary,Birthday,Wedding,Christmas and other special occasion. The 24K gold rose is never a disappointment
  • Luxury Handmade Rose - The rose symbolizes love, the gold represents nobility. This rose perfectly combines the two elements together, just like a gift from an angel.
  • Fresh cut roses as raw material - Please don't be fooled by cheap gold-plated roses. Their petals are made of plastic and glued on piece by piece. Our gold rose are made from fresh roses being sealed directly. This is the only way each rose could maintain its natural shape.
  • Eternal gift - The resin coating makes it very durable and will never fade. Gold rose is an eternal gift that could document your happy moments and sweet memories. It can be put into a permanent collection. Give it proudly to your wife, mother, girlfriend, Bffs as a token of your love.

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