Newborn and Baby Rattles & Teethers - Newborn Baby Gifts

10 Piece Baby Rattles and Baby Teethers - Newborn Gifts

Get this awesome 10 piece set for your favorite newborn or baby. Each rattle has different grips, shapes, and tasks to assist in fine tuning motor skills. Great baby gift for baby showers.

  • Holiday deals! 10 Bright Primary colored Rattles/Teethers for different stages of baby’s development.

  • Each rattle has different grips, shapes and tasks to assist in fine motor skills.

  • Variety of textures will assist in tactile development of touch, taste and smell.

  • Numerous sounds will expand babies’ sensory experiences, colors and patterns help eye tracking skills.

  • Toys deals! Great gift for baby showers, suitable for nursery child care - easy to clean and store hygienically in their own container. Great stroller toy.

Fine Motor Development

The variety in grips, shapes and tasks will assist in finger and hand-eye coordination skills.

A special gift for newborn birthdays, baby showers, naming/dedication parties and celebrations, Christmas gift idea, or as a gift for holidays, birthday parties or festivals - Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year – any time is a great time to give.

The rattles come packaged in a big plastic jar. The capacity is very large, not only can it hold rattles, but can also accommodate other toys. 

Tactile Development

These rattles are just the right size for your baby's little hands to grab, hold and shake.

Hearing Development

Numerous sounds will expand your baby's sensory experience.

Visual Development

Colorful contrasting patterns help develop your baby's eye tracking skills.

Are These Baby Rattles Too Big for Babies

"No, my grand daughter is 9 months now and has been enjoying these since 3 months. They encourage grasping and have areas that are small enough for a babies little hand to hold. They have various features such as squeeking, rattling, jingling. I have been quite pleased with this purchase." - Review from Karen P.


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